16th April 2020- Mumbai Sofitel

Constantly Delivering Personalized, Collaborative Digital World-Class Customer Experience

The Annual CXM event is a unique platform, to serve the CX community with the latest, most futuristic and trending practices with brainstorming sessions to enhance and deliver the best customer experiences. India is known as a distinctive market world over for its 1.25 billion consumers with the fastest developing cities and pulsating population.

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Customer Experience Management Event (CXM Event) is the knowledge hub to gain in-depth and interactive knowledge about customers. It will enable you to design and deliver bespoke experiences that will attract customers to remain loyal and spread the word of their experience had with you. It focuses on the lastest trends to extricate challenges of companies by offering know-how on ties between employee and customer experience, best practices in voice of the customer programs, humanizing CX, machine-to-person engagement advancements, engaging vs. transactional mobile applications


Registration with Breakfast

Panel Discussion-

Personalization the game changer in CX with best practices

Personalizing Customer Engagement with AI

This session will walk you through how companies should investing in AI technology across their customer experience, how is it driving better competence, and the best way to approach it to ensure the fastest time-to-value.

Automation in CX- Content, Services, Delivery -

This session will focus on the latest technology and Automation. It will showcase how companies can leverage on time, money and manpower with Automation.

Panel Discussion- B2B Personalization -

Laying the Digital & Cultural Foundations- Focused to be Engaging, Enabling and Motivating
• Understand your customer
• Create a customer vision
• Develop an emotional connection
• Capture customer feedback

Intelligent Virtual customer assistants/Chatbot's –

Empathatic and Sympathetic
Data Unification with Real-time Insights Delivery
Adaptability with intelligence
Empowering customers experience instantaneously

Networking Tea Break

Omnichannel – Building an experience driven company

Panel Discussion-

Scale with consistent, contextual and predictive customer experiences across all touch points. Empowering employess to placing the Customer First.

Gala Luncheon

Maximizing customer experience-

Digital Marketing, Automation & Analytics Focused on Meaningful connections- Identify, qualify and develop relationships while collaborating, co-creating and instigating advocacy.

Panel Discussion-Challenges in CX Feedback-

Focused to understand how CX professionals struggle to collect feedback. What information needs to be collected and how to leverage results with the data, Cloud based intelligent data processing

Cognitive Intelligence in CX

ROI with Customer Experience while achieving Operational Excellence, Process Excellence with Compliance & Security.
Amalgamation of Technology with Manpower to deliver enhanced customer experience

Panel Discussion-Customer Journey, feedback and interaction –

Importance and Analysis Leaders in CX will discuss on the importance of customer journey mapping, pre-sales, at the point of sale and post-sales data analysis. What data and touch-points of engagements matter to them? How feedback is an essential tool of analysis and how companies should position interactions and engagements.

Customer loyalty and retention-

Focused to understand how CX professionals can gaing loyalty and retain customer and make sure that they in turn become brand ambassadors

Closing Remarks and connect with the connected

Outcome of CXM Will come in graphics

  • 04 interactive sessions featuring 30+ industry experts and analyst
  • >75% of attendees are from CXO and Director Level
  • 160+ CX Leaders, Innovators and practitioners
  • > 85% of companies in attendance achieved $1B+ in Annual revenue


Keynote Presentations

Connect with the leaders by educating them on key issues that matter the most. impact the market leaders with a competitive advantage.

Panel Discussion

Every organization that is at a current state of saticfaction will contribute its achievement by sharing key contacts of those companies or individuals who have assisted in their organizations development.

Panel Discussion

Each panelist is cherry picked based on customer satisfaction and experience also who can desiminate that information towards the development of the industry. insightful, thought provoking and solution driven through an exclusive q&a session.

High Profile Business Meetings | pre-scheduled

These meeting are specific to help connect at a personal level in a relaxed atmosphere. scheduled to mutually benefit each other



  • Chief Customer Experience Officer
  • Chief Customer Relations Officer
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • User Experience Head
  • VP Customer Experience


  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • VP or Director of Marketing
  • VP Marketing Innovation
  • VP or Director of Social Marketings
  • VP Multichannel Marketing


  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Head Digital
  • Chief Information Technology Officer


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Development Officer