The Annual CXM event is a unique platform, to serve the CX community with the latest, most futuristic and trending practices with brainstorming sessions to enhance and deliver the best customer experiences. India is known as a distinctive market world over for its 1.25 billion consumers with the fastest developing cities and pulsating population. Bound by its distinctive traditions and a diversified consumer base, India’s growth potential is on the rise. Access to information with technological advancements and highest competition have made the customer more aware, which has in turn elevated the expectations of consumer satisfaction 24/7/365. Acquisition with customer retention is the primary goal with companies and the only way to reach this is with the best customer experience. Essential it is that informed, knowledgeable and demanding customers need to be met with progressively sophisticated, distinct and best quality customer experiences.

TREX is proud to host the region's only exclusive Customer Experience Management Event with latest trending and focused topics, panel discussions, leading digital and culture transformation information from the industry’s leaders. Customer Experience Management Event (CXMEvent) will focus on empowering organisations to disseminate information to ever changing consumer preference with the assistance of data collection, customer pain points, AI, Data Analytics and Block chain Management. Persistence will be on working around data and privacy compliance policies and education of data driven marketers’. We are delighted to assist you in developing and designing a profound impact on your customers’ journey.

CXM event will focus on industry-researched data of Customer journey management, design- thinking, shopping patterns, empathy mapping where there is an increased organisational spend. The programme will encapsulate digital experiences, while enhancing customer data analytics platforms, interactive platforms, Artificial Intelligence powered platforms, online engagement platforms, high-value action and relationships solutions, cloud communications platforms and more. Having these to power real-time, intelligent customer engagements across sales, customer service, marketing and commerce.


Customer Experience Management Event 2020 (CXM Event 2020) is the knowledge hub to gain in-depth and interactive knowledge about customers. It will enable you to design and deliver bespoke experiences that will attract customers to remain loyal and spread the word of their experience had with you. It focuses on the latest trends to extricate challenges of companies by offering know-how on ties between employee and customer experience, best practices in the voice-of-customer programs, humanizing CX, machine-to-person engagement advancements, engaging vs. transactional mobile applications


Situated in a globalized market place of customers who are hypersensitive, hyper-connected and demanding its imperative Personalized Customer Experience Management (CEM) is the critical differentiator in engagement. Staying ahead of the competition with this differentiator is the only option moving ahead. CXM Event is structured to helping leaders map Customer, product, employee and brand experiences before, during, and after a sale which will be the tools for enhanced agility, performance, intelligence, and integrations that are required to drive the business forward faster.


Keynote Presentations

Connect with the leaders by educating them on key issues that matter the most. impact the market leaders with a competitive advantage.

Fire Chat Session

Every industry is different which needs special and robust solutions. Our panel of experts will answer questions pertaining to your industry with their personal or professional experience. Get insights like never before.

Panel Discussion

Each panelist is cherry picked based on customer satisfaction and experience also who can disseminate that information towards the development of the industry. insightful, thought provoking and solution driven through an exclusive Q & A session.

High Profile Business Meetings | pre-scheduled

These meeting are specific to help connect at a personal level in a relaxed atmosphere. scheduled to mutually benefit each other